Firstly, I will ensure to carryout a general survey on users, on why the find it difficult to order food online, and also find out from them why they prefer to go to a food vendor rather than buying their food online.

After carrying out the survey, I and my team will gather all data we got and categorize all the information accordingly to different sections. During this period, we will get to understand the different reason as to why people find it difficult to order food online. Then, we define a problem.

Creating possible solutions to the problem we have created. During this period we surf the internet to check out related online food vendor and see if they actually solved the problem we have created. Get more ideas, and sketch our ideas in paper to help us keep track of things properly.

What’s next is to bring our idea to live by using a high fidelity wireframe to create every features that best solve the problem that we have defined. The use of colors, images and text is applied.

Lastly, we test the app by giving it to the users. We watch closely to see how the users interact with all the features. A one-on-one interview approach can be done to understand this, taking note of reactions, expressions, and comments from the users. Whatever lags behind in our proffered solution, we take it again and find possible solution to solve that problem. This is done continuously until the actual problem is being solved

#Side Hustle Task

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