During the past few months, I was opportuned to apply for different tech programs to help improve my design skills and also to get to work with different people in tech. I took tasks, filled forms, of course the necessary things required for one to be eligible for the program…

Firstly, I will ensure to carryout a general survey on users, on why the find it difficult to order food online, and also find out from them why they prefer to go to a food vendor rather than buying their food online.

After carrying out the survey, I and my…

As an upcoming UI/UX Designer, there are some things I’ve learnt that has really helped me in my design journey. In this article, I will be explaining in brief my understanding on what design thinking is all about. Let’s get right into it.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is basically a solution based…

Mahmuudah Oyebisi

Dental Hygienist || UI/UX Designer || Graphics and Content Creator

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